Traffic Inspector

23 Nisan 2008 Çarşamba

The complex decision for system administrators of the organizations, house networks, computer clubs and the Internet-cafe. The account of the traffic and statistics on each user, powerful system of billing, a proxy and NAT, Firewall, dynamic restriction of speed, protection from network flood-protection, flexible management of the routing, the removed control. Support of domains, authorization on AD, IP, MAC or through VPN. Does not demand additional adjustments from clients at work ICQ, mails, games, etc., it is used NAT. Advanced Routing - an opportunity of flexible adjustment perenapravlenija different users and kinds of the traffic on different channels of access. Dynamic restriction of speeds of clients and their groups. The control and blocking of clients over the big network activity. The network screen, simple in adjustment, but effective. Flexible adjustments of tariffing, it is possible to include payment by cards and change of tariffs through the Web-interface. The removed control over the console of management. Licence: Shareware

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