ChrisTV 5.20

4 Mayıs 2008 Pazar

ChrisTV - The PVR that TAKES control OVER your TV Card - TV on your PC with High quality image and sound- developed by Chris P.C. srl for TV Tuners with WDM Drivers installed. Supports all TV Cards based on BT8x8 chipset, Philips SAA713x chipset, Conexant CX2388x, also works with any Capture Device like Webcams and Graphic Cards with Video IN. Great Image quality and very easy to use. Key Features : AVI Recording using any audio/video codecs installed on user's PC and MPEG Recording, advanced recording settings, Advanced Scheduler, Radio FM support, channel autoScan with fine tuning, customize each channel properties, support for dscaler deinterlace directshow filter, zoom feature, teletext, winlirc Support, Image Processing filters, image capture, mosaic with all your channels, slideshow, support for more than 25 languages. Licence: Shareware.

Official site
Download: ChrisTV 5.20 Lite (1.91 MB)
Download: ChrisTV 5.20 Standard (2.81 MB)
Download: ChrisTV 5.20 Professional (2.85 MB)

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