GUI Design Studio

2 Mayıs 2008 Cuma

GUI Design Studio is a graphical user interface design tool for Microsoft Windows that you can use to rapidly create demonstration prototypes without any coding or scripting.

Draw individual screens, windows and components using standard elements, connect them together to storyboard operational workflow then run the simulator to test your designs.

GUI Design Studio can be used whenever you need to draw what an application should look like or show how its parts connect and flow together such as:

documenting product ideas
creating project proposals
requirements capture
creating screen mock-ups
producing detailed specifications for developers
suggesting enhancements to existing products
+ many more uses
Create presentations to users and stakeholders or even just to yourself to:

verify designs
explore alternatives
evaluate different usage scenarios

Before expensive implementation begins, make sure you know what needs to be developed and why.


Unleash your creativity
Design what you want without the restrictions of any development environment.
Add user interface elements that don't even exist yet - if you can draw it, you can use it!
Quickly prototype multiple alternatives for evaluation.
Visual design without coding is accessible to everyone.
Easier to duplicate, change and distribute than paper and pencil designs.

Reduce risk and costs
Create project specifications that everyone can understand.
Get early feedback from users to ensure your software meets their needs.
Discuss implementation issues with developers before writing any code.
Catch design errors, find critical factors and explore special cases early in the project lifecycle.
Create refined requirements that lead to fewer changes during development.
Avoid costly rework later in the development cycle.
Build the right application first time.
Improve the usability of your software.
Gain higher user satisfaction.

Improve productivity
Use the fastest method for creating graphical user interface (GUI) prototypes.
Developers can focus on implementing well specified designs that won't be constantly changing.
Get a head start on writing the user manual in parallel with software development.
Reduce your time to market.

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