Popcorn 1.83

1 Mayıs 2008 Perşembe

and receive e-mail using secure SSL encrypted server connections. Popcorn works as a client-server application, reading mail directly from POP servers. It supports multiple account profiles. It requires no installation, no data is saved locally other than a portable INI file containing account information. It is immune to all forms of e-mail attachment and HTML viruses, scripts and trojans, because it does not directly support receiving attachments or viewing HTML, and optionally supports viewing/saving attachments and HTML through external applications. The built-in mail editor and address book enables you to compose and send new mail with or without file attachments, reply to, forward and re-direct received mail using SMTP or ESMTP with authentication. Fits on a floppy or other portable media. Using the Mail Message format, you can import mail items composed, saved or sent from Popcorn into other popular e-mail clients. Licence: Freeware.

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