emesene RC4

31 Mart 2008 Pazartesi

some of the modifications

* replaced Entourage with ContactData, simpler and mantainable code, now support multiple groups per contact, easier to support other protocols since we ahave a defined API for contact management* more descriptive exceptions* fixed move user to group and added copy user to group and delete user from group.* descriptive output for exceptions in login* typing shows in every tab* configuration dialog for the sound plugin* only one autereply sent per conversation* debug escaped* handle exceptions in soapManager* add pending fixed* spanish translation updated* some code modified to separate emesene from Msnp13* a lot of modifications that dont remember because of the svn problemremember to erase the .config/emesene1.0 directory

EDIT 07 january : i have uploaded a new version to sourceforge in the same RC,i have added notifications of new mesages in tabs, fixed the bugs when blocking and unblocking,i have added a new languaje (taiwanese), fixed the problem that didnt show blocked contacts. new option that allow to select where the tabs should appear, and some more stuff.

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